To Innovation

Hearst Television is a leader in the digital evolution of broadcast television, on the Internet, over the digital broadcast spectrum, and via satellite. All are platforms used by our company to enhance the viewing experience of our audiences.

On the Internet:

Through our partnership with Internet Broadcasting (IB), Hearst Television has achieved a leadership position in the convergence of local television and the Internet. The IB local Web sites -- aligned with our leading local TV stations and those of partners -- typically aggregate more than 20 million monthly unique visitors. To explore the Hearst stations' local Websites, please click here

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Over the Digital Spectrum:

Digital broadcast television (DTV) and its highest level transmission, high-definition television (HDTV), offer the ultimate home electronics experience - now finding its way into millions of American homes.

With DTV, images and sounds are transmitted using digital code, paving the way for computer and television convergence. HDTV permits the broadcast of images carrying twice the level of image sharpness and resolution as that found in today's NTSC (analog) television transmissions, and improves television audio to the level of CD-quality sound.

Hearst Television has been a pioneer in the DTV rollout through early investments in DTV conversion in our local markets, and our stations across the country are broadcasting primetime and major events in spectacular high-definition.

We've also pioneered local high-definition (HD) production: WCVB-DT, Boston, our largest digital station, began producing HD episodes of its award-winning, highly rated local public affairs program, "Chronicle," in 1998 and continues to produce special HD editions today.

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In addition to HDTV, Hearst's TV stations bring the latest in local weather technology to viewers using a portion of the digital spectrum to provide 24/7 weather reports.

Via Satellite:

HATSAT, our own dedicated satellite system, is an advanced technological newsgathering advantage, allowing Hearst stations to access and share hundreds of hours of news and feature stories instantaneously and efficiently, enabling customized delivery of real-time national news for local markets. Our Washington, D.C., news bureau's headline-making interviews with Administration officials as well as other national political figures all are distributed to Hearst stations via HATSAT. Also shared group-wide via HATSAT: Coverage of major national and international events, and major storm coverage.